Home Lifts

Convenience. Luxury. Smooth.

All your Family can reach all the floors in your home easily, Now! Add convenience and luxury to your perfect home through our home lifts. Home Lifts are machine roomless and gearless. They are power saving and can work on single/three phase too. With a less pit depth and short head room, bring in a smooth transition between floors in your home.

Johnson Lifts, being the biggest market share holder in India, offers Home lifts as a solution to all your family members, especially the elders in your family. The growing demand for home lifts has made these home lifts safe with comfort and peace of mind.

As the size of the homes differ from one to other, Johnson lifts come with the expertise to cater to various home requirements. Our dedicated team of experts will visit your place on enquiry to inspect the installation site and suggest suitable lift options for your home. Enquire now to discuss the best lift for your home! Presence of over 180 service centres PAN India has helped us to serve our customer base better.

Products for Home Lifts