The Eco-friendly Lifts from Johnson

Evergreen is produced at our state-of-the-art factories in Nagpur and Chennai where we are equipped with latest CNC machines and hi-tech paint shop. Eco-friendly means expensive. When it comes to lifts, Johnson breaks that myth. A manual lift with up to 8 passenger capacity for up to 7 – storey buildings. The Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) controlled saves up to 50% of energy, enabling a greener world. For More Details Contact Us 

Get to know special advantages of Evergreen


Up with Caring

Evergreen Super comes with a built-in rescue device

Up with Comfortom

The new VVVF controller gives a more smoother ride

Down with EB Bills

The energy savings that the customers with be happy about

Down with Service Costs

VVVF Controller gives less stress on all mechanical parts



At Johnson, we manufacture High Speed, Energy Efficient, Green, BMS/RMS Compatible, Aesthetically rich and durable lifts and escalators. To get to know more about Evergreen, download brochure.

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What’s inside in it?


What’s more with Evergreen?




MS Collapsible Gate

Swing Doors

MS Sliding Door

Measurements and Dimensions

Special Features Energy Saving WVF Controller.
Built-in Rescue Device during power interruption.
Type Passenger
Capacity Upto 0 Passengers - 544 kgs. (max)
Speed 0.66 meters/second.
Number of Floors Maximum of 7 floors. (18 m)
Control Down Collective.
DRIVE Microprocessor-based WVF
CAR Pre-coated Steel.
PVC flooring.
CAR DOORS Manually operated:
MS collapsible gate.
Ms sliding door (Manual or automatic)
LANDING DOORS Manually operated:
MS collapsible / MS swing door.
POWER SUPPLY 3-phase, 415 volts AC.
OTHER FEATUES Automatic bilingual door open voice annunciator. Car fan and light. Battery operated emergency alarm and light in the car and position indicators