• Easy Installation
  • Self Support Steel Structure Shaft
  • Machine room-less, gearless
  • Power saving
  • Short head room
  • Small pit
  • Single phase


A view with landing doors, showing the landing
fixture in the door frame.


  • Wood patterned wall panels with contrasting steel patterned strips in corrosion-resistant, pre-coated steel.
  • The automatic side opening doors are in steel patterned corrosion-resistant, pre-coated steel. Vision panels are provided for safety. SS handrail at rear for comfort.
  • False ceiling in steel pattern, crafted from corrosion-resistant, pre-coated steel comes with power saving LED lights and cross flow fan. A warm brown Pergo floor completes the exclusive look.

Car Fixtures

Car fixture with braille buttons


  • Capacity-272 Kg
  • Speed – 0.2 mps
  • No of fl oors -3 (max)
  • Travel – 9 metres
  • Automatic side opening doors
  • Direct Landing
  • Automatic Rescue Device
  • Emergency light & alarm bell
  • Infra red door curtain
  • Landing door frame narrow jamb
  • Manual safe landing operation
  • Light – 3w LED
  • Control system – APB
  • Motor rating – 0.9 kW
  • Controls – VVVF
  • Voltage – AC 230 V single phase