Heavy Duty Escalators

For railway stations, street crossings, subways and exhibition facilities.

Two SJEC Johnson Escalators in Egmore Railway Station, Chennai

To meet the requirements of high-traffic public utilities, specially designed Glide Mass Transit escalators are suited for continuous large crowds, indoor or outdoor, and operate perfectly under all climatic conditions.

Weatherproofing and unique balustrade design conform to customer specifications.


Truss ultra-sonic fault detection.

Quality is never left to chance.

  • Drive-Chain Contact
    This contact monitors the drive-chain for breakage. When actuated, the contact will stop the escalator.
  • Skirting Contacts
    These contacts have been installed at both the top and bottom of the escalator at the transition curve. If an object gets caught between the step and the skirting panel, the resultant pressure on the skirting panel will actuate one of these contacts, thereby disabling and switching off the escalator.
  • Handrail Entry Contacts
    The handrail entry points are located far beneath the head of the balustrade. The handrail entry contacts are so positioned that if there is any danger of an object becoming wedged in the handrail entry points, a contact will actuate and switch off the escalator.
  • Step Chain Contacts
    Located in the lower step-reversing compartment, these contacts monitor the step chains for elongation, breakage or shortening of one or both step chains. When actuated, they will disable and switch off the escalator.
  • Step Sag Contacts
    Fixed at the start sections of both inclined upper and lower transition curves, it will be actuated to stop escalator in case step (including step roller) sags more than 3 mm.
  • Phase Monitor
    This is a safety feature which monitors the main power supply and disables the escalator in the event of phase failure or phase reversal.
  • Motor Overload and Overheat Relay
    This relay monitors the motor’s working condition. In case of motor overload or overheating, the escalator should be stopped.
  • Comb Contacts
    If a foreign object is caught between the comb plates and the steps, the resulting pressing action will move one of the comb plates backwards and actuate a safety contact, thereby switching off the escalator.
  • Step Gap Illumination
    Special green lamps in the form of fluorescent tubes, mounted on both the top and bottom of the escalator, make the individual steps clearly discernible. Especially at the horizontal runs. Therefore, boarding the escalator is made much easier for young, elderly and inexperienced users.
  • Maintenance Locking device
    The normal key start function will be invalid while the maintenance lock device is in use. The inspection sockets in the up and down machine rooms cannot be used at the same time.
  • Alarm Buzzer
    The buzzers located in the up/ down machine rooms can call passengers’ attention when starting the escalator.
  • Speed Monitor with Anti-reverse Function
    Fixed at the bottom of the brake, it monitors the speed of the flywheel and avoids reversing. Will stop escalator in case rated speed is over 120% or under 80%.
  • Step Anti-static Brush
    Located in the truss, under the step near the linear end. Eliminates step static.
  • Controller Lift device
    Located in the machine room, it makes to it convenient lift the controller for inspection and testing of the escalator.
  • Emergency Stop Buttons
    Built into the balustrade skirtings at the upper and lower ends of the escalator, the emergency stop button may be used to switch off the escalator manually.
  • Step Reversing Fences
    The fence is fixed at the end of the step reversing point in the machine room for safety.
  • Handrail Anti-static Roller
    Located under both ends of the handrail in the truss.
  • Service Brake Release Contact
    This contact is fixed at both brake arms to monitor whether the brake is open or not. If the brake operates abnormally, the escalator will not start and alarm buzzer will sound.
  • Monitoring System
    Adopting sophisticated single chip technology, the system collects all operation and breakdown messages. Bright and large LCD screen accomodates installation, commissioning, maintenance and building monitoring information.
  • Handrail Colour
    Black is standard. Other colours can be selected at extra cost.
  • Step/Pallet Colour
    Natural colour is standard, optional black colour with tread surface ground.
  • Step Safety Demarcation
    Yellow painting on 3 sides is standard, optional yellow resin on 3 sides.
  • Traffic Light
    LED traffic light with fixed or movable arrow sign.
  • Dry Contact
    4 dry contacts including up, down, error and stop for remote control.
  • Safety Brake on Main Shaft
    • Fixed on main shaft, it will be actuated in case drive-chain is broken or speed is over 120%. As standard requirement, it shall be equipped for non-public service escalator when rise is over 6 m. It is a standard feature for mass transit escalators.
  • Handrail Speed Monitor
    • There are two detectors integrated in the handrail support rollers at both left and right sides. When one or both handrails are broken or run under-speed, the system will be executed.
  • A central automatic lubrication
    System complete with a pump and proportioner can be installed to provide adequate lubrication for all chains automatically.
  • Step Upthrust Contact
    It is fixed at upper/ lower transition curves to stop escalator in case of step upthrust.
  • Step Missing Device
    Two sensors are fixed, at upper/ lower return sections, to receive pulse signals from steps passing by. If a step is missing, the escalator is stopped before missing step enters comb plate.
  • Skirting Brush.
    It is fixed at left/ right skirting panel to cover the gap between step and skirting in order to avoid possible risk caused by the gap.
  • Skirting Lighting
    Skirting lighting is installed in the skirting panel on both left and right sides.
  • VF Energy Saving System
    It is a frequency inverter system that saves up to 60% energy. The escalator will be made to run at low speed during no-load conditions and automatically return to normal speed the moment load is sensed. This is activated by photocell sensors at the entrance.
  • Auto-start
    The escalator will be switched ON and OFF automatically with the use of contact mats/ photocell sensors which are arranged at least 1300/ 1800 mm before the comb intersection line. Directional indicators will be provided with this option.


  • Comb Heating System
    Heating system is fixed under the combs of both upper and lower entrance/ exit to avoid comb freezing caused by rain and snow. Required for installations where temperatures fall below zero.
  • Truss Heating System
    Heating system is fixed in truss among all service steps to avoid freezing caused by rain and snow. Required for installations where temperatures fall below zero.
  • Outside Cladding
    It can be of hairline SS or painted steel sheet


  • Johnson is the one and only escalator manufacturer in the country.
  • The 10,000 sq mtr Johnson escalator factory is located in Oragadam, Chennai.
  • In February 2010, the first indigenously manufactured escalator rolled out of Johnson.
  • Over 200 commercial escalators have already been dispatched from this unit and are now doing service in the finest malls all over the country.
  • The technology is from the world leader in the field, SJEC of China. In fact, Johnson sources heavy duty public service escalators from SJEC. SJEC products can be seen in the finest buildings across Europe and Asia.
  • Mantri Mall, Bengaluru
  • DB Mall, Bhopal
  • Magnet Mall, Mumbai
  • Trillium Mall (TATA Group)
  • Brook Field
  • Royal Meenakshi, Bengaluru
  • Reliance, Pune
  • SEJ Plaza, Mumbai
  • Crown Interiorz, Faridabad
  • M2K Multiplex, Delhi
  • D Mall, Pitampura & Rohini, New Delhi
  • Mahatta Towers, New Delhi
  • Omaxe Constructions, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon
  • Chennai International Airport, Chennai
  • Egmore Railway Station, Chennai
  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd, Delhi
  • Abad Builders, Cochin
  • Focus Mall, Calicut
  • R S Brothers, Hyderabad
  • CMR Shopping Mall, Hyderabad
  • Pantaloon, Bangalore
  • Srinagar Airport, Srinagar
  • Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh
  • Udaipur Airport
  • Indo Pacific Software, Nagpur
  • Anand Vihar, New Delhi Railway Station

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