Sukranti Standard

Exteriors / Doors

Featured above: Grey door frame in corrosion-resistant, pre-coated steel Blue elevator doors in corrosion-resistant, pre-coated steel. The landing fixture with bright orange square dot matrix LED display and position indicator is fitted within the door frame itself – saving installation cost and time.

Colour options for Steel doors and door frames

SS Hairline finish doors and frames available at additional cost.


Featured above: Car body in a combination of SS Hairline finish and Blue panel in corrosion-resistant, pre-coated steel. The car door is in Blue corrosion-resistant, pre-coated steel. The sleek grey false ceiling in pre-coated steel comes with power saving LED lights. The full length car operating panel is in elegant Slimline SS finish. An SS hand rail is also provided at the rear end of the car. (For 15/16 passenger side Opening – stretcher impact protection instead of hand rail). Car body panels come in fixed sizes based on passenger capacity.

Colour options for Steel car body panels

All panels available in SS Hairline finish at additional cost.

Join the Gearless Revolution – Get the Sukranti Standard advantage.

Sukranti is the next generation in vertical transportation brought to you by Johnson Lifts. The heart of Sukranti is a rare earth permanent magnet motor. This combined with the VVVF drive gives Sukranti breakthrough advantages:

Save Energy
When compared to geared machines – Sukranti’s reduces your power consumption by 60%. The rare earth permanent magnet material of the gearless motor increases efficiency around 80% by:

Reducing start up current
Saving electricity – the busier the lift, the more the saving as a result of high efficiency.
Less heat generation and greater mechanical efficiency of motor as it runs at a lower rpm.

Save the Environment
Sukranti Standard is a green lift for greener buildings. In addition to the energy advantage, Sukranti’s gearless motor requires no lubrication and zero maintenance. No oil means no pollution.

Smoother Ride
The speed control works with closed loop feedback from the encoder to ensure safe and very smooth travel.

Save in the Future
Sukranti Standard’s gearless motor is a wonder of modern technology with only one moving part and the bearings completely sealed. It generates higher lift travelling speeds at much lower motor speed. All this adds up to trouble-free, smooth operation for decades to come.

Superior on all counts
Load : 544 kg

commercial passenger elevators
  • Sukranti Standard comes built in with an enviable travel speed of 1.25 m/sec. for upto
    15 storeyed (45 mts. max.) buildings and has a maximum capacity of 13 passengers.
  • Door Frame: Only Johnson Lifts come with elegant door frames in Steel that gives strength as well as an enlarged appearance.
  • VVVF Controller: The Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF ) control, ensures 50% energy savings. It also creates a super-comfortable ride quality – with jerk-free starts and stops. Smooth acceleration and deceleration. And no landing variations.Time after time. In the long run, this prevents wear and tear of components, which means less downtime and huge savings on spares.
  • Stainless Steel Buttons: Sophisticated design – buttons flush with backplate. Orange LED illumination. Engraved numbers. Highly tamper resistant with braille markings..
  • Fireman Switch: To enable fire-service personnel to take over complete control over one or more lifts.
  • VVVF Door Controller: Silken smooth door movement. Advanced features like adjustable independent times for opening and closing. Slow-nudging feature ideal for high traffic situations.
  • Infra Red Screen Sensor: Curtain of 154 infra red beams to prevent accidental closing of the door.
  • Floor Annunciator: Recorded voice announces the floor number on arrival.
  • Full Height Car Fixture: Designed specially for high-rise buildings. With Press & Speak facility and overload indicator. Floor designation will be in numeric only. Position of this depends on passenger capacity.
  • Arrival Chime: A ringing tone is sounded as the lift stops at the landing ( For duplex only).
  • Overload Indicator: When the lift is overloaded, indicator light turns on and the alarm beeps.
  • In-built Automatic Rescue Device – ARD: Automatically takes the lift to the nearest level in the case of a power interruption.
  • Advantages of the GR Series Controller Enables Direct Landing – the lift slows down and stops in a single motion without ‘creeping’ the last few centimeters. The elimination of ‘creep speed’ saves power. High speed is maintained for a longer period per round trip thereby saving time.