Evergreen Super

MS Collapsible Gate

MS Swing Door


A perfect match

Evergreen is available in three classic designs : Blueamount, Sundek and Tropicana.

Wall panels:

High quality Steel panels with baked enamel paint. Combination of two colours.


Steel framed milky white acrylic shade tubelight with vapour-cured trims. Pressure fan with matching vapourcured fan diffuser.


Hard wearing vinyl in a matching shade.


  • Ceiling : Light grey
  • Wall panels : Oxford Blue and Munsell Grey
  • Flooring : Grey vinyl


  • Ceiling : Pale cream
  • Wall panels : P.O.Red and Sandstone.
  • Flooring : Flame red vinyl


  • Ceiling : Pale cream
  • Wall panels : Broken White and P.O.Red
  • Flooring : Flame red vinyl

Inside View: Ceiling, flooring and fittings.

commercial passenger lift
Car Doors: Can be MS folding shutter (as shown), collapsible gate or MS sliding door (Manual or automatic)
Inset: Shows the strong metal gate of the folding shutter.

Evergreen Advantages

Up with the environment
Eco-friendly usually means expensive. When it comes to lifts, Johnson breaks that myth. With Evergreen Super: A manual lift with upto 8 passenger capacity for upto 7-storey buildings. The secret behind Evergreen’s eco-friendliness is the new Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) controller. This electronic brain saves upto 50% of a very precious resource: energy. Which is great news for a greener world.
Up with caring
Evergreen Super comes with a built-in Rescue Device. During a power interruption, Evergreen takes over and safely takes the lift to the nearest level. This is a feature that is found only in premium lifts. But we felt that the safety of vulnerable people – children, women and the elderly – should not come at a premium. So the Rescue Device is a standard feature on Evergreen.
Up with comfort
The new VVVF controller also makes for a much smoother ride. No more jerky starts and stops. No more level variation that trips passengers. Evergreen also speeds up and slows down smoothly, even as it reaches a higher top speed. A degree of sophistication any customer will appreciate.
Down with electricity bills
The energy savings has another effect, which your customers will really appreciate. It helps them save on yet another precious resource: Money, which would otherwise be spent on big power bills.
Down with service costs
Thanks to the VVVF controller’s smooth ride, there is less stress on all the mechanical parts of the lift. This greatly increases the life of the components, which adds up to big savings on service and maintenance costs.
Down with the price
The real wonder of Evergreen Super is that it comes to you at a very economical price. Evergreen has now made top-of-the-line features ever-affordable.

Car Fixtures

Robust and user-friendly.In elegant No 4 stainless steel finish. Round buttons with luminous acrylic halo. Built-in emergency lamp and alarm.

Landing Fixtures

In elegant No.4 stainless steel finish. Round buttons with luminous acrylic halo and digital direction position indicator. All fixtures are designed to be robust and user friendly.